Restaurants in Montemerano

The village of Montemerano is not only history and art, but also a true paradise for lovers of good food and authentic and genuine flavors.

In fact, among its narrow alleys there are restaurants and inns offering excellent cuisine, always accompanied by extraordinary local wines.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste the Maremma cuisine in one of the local restaurants, take a relaxing break after a walk through the streets of the historic center or after a swim at the Cascate del Mulino, which are only 5 minutes away.

Lose yourself in the narrow alleys, admire the most beautiful buildings, such as the Church of San Giorgio and Piazza del Castello, let yourself be transported back in time and discover all the hidden charm of Montemerano, which is also one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Montemerano restaurants:

Da Caino

Via della Chiesa 4, 58014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 0564 602817

Vecchia Osteria Cacio e Vino

via del bivio, 16, 58014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 0564 602939

Osteria Passaparola

Via delle Mura 14, 58014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 0564 602983

La Cascia

Via del Bivio 23, 58014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 0564 602858

La Solina

Loc. Poggio Bertino 18, 58014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 339 492 3507

Dal Moro

Via Giovanni Conti 43, 58014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 0564 602574

Osteria La Frasca

Loc. Ciavatta snc, 58014 Manciano (GR)
+39 329 419 4005

Mastro Titta

Loc. Pratini, 58014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 0564 602653

Castel DiVino

Piazza del Castello, 580014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 0564 625027

Trattoria Il Nibbio

Via del Bivio 22, 58014 Montemerano (GR)
+39 0564 602770