San Giorgio, is the patron saint of the village of Montemerano and every year, in the week of April 25th, this beautiful village in the Maremma organizes the traditional celebrations in his honor.

These are days of celebration and fun during which young and old alike flock to the streets of the town to celebrate this traditional festival.

It all begins with the sacred rites and blessings at the church of San Giorgio.

It then continues with a traditional procession through the streets of the village and the blessing of the Palio.

The actual party takes place on Sunday and is open from Historical Parade of the Contrade di San Giorgio, a parade in period clothing that parades along the characteristic alleys of Montemerano, in the late afternoon instead, the Giostra del Drago, during which the three city districts face each other: Borgo, Croce and Castello.

If you are in the area we advise you not to miss it … Montemerano, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” is the perfect setting for this event, a small and intimate village that tells an ancient story!