Saturnia is an enchanting Tuscan village, it is one of the oldest cities in Italy and one of the most beautiful attractions to discover in Maremma. The village gives its name to the spa town but it is also a place rich in history, among the streets of its historic center you can see beautiful ancient buildings, the walls and the ancient Roman columns … The history of Saturnia begins already in the Neolithic, when there was a primitive settlement, Saturnia was then part of the domains of ancient Caletra and under the rule of the Etruscans it experienced a period of great development, today testified by the numerous necropolises that arise around the Tuscan town, the oldest of which dates back to the 8th century. , C., And from the walls, whose original structure was built by the Etruscans. With the fall of Vulci, Saturnia passed under the Roman Empire and became a Sabatina colony first and then a prefecture. Already in Etruscan and Roman times its waters were known for their beneficial and curative properties, it was the Romans who were the first to build the first thermal baths.

What to see in Saturnia:

  • Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, the only church in Saturnia, built near the Roman Gate, inside some beautiful paintings, St. Francis of Assisi, Madonna and Child between Saints Sebastian and Mary Magdalene and Saints Clare and Elizabeth of Hungary.
  • Cinta Muraria, built by the Etruscans and fortified in the Roman epic, the walls rose to protect the ancient town, the only access door, Porta Romana, stands right on the route of the ancient Via Clodia.
  • Archaeological Museum, interesting display of finds from the necropolis surrounding the city of Saturnia.