If you enter the village of Montemerano by following the Via del Bivio, a branch of the main road, marked by the presence of an old millstone surmounted by a metal cross.

The village of Montemerano stands on the top of a hill, the road to reach the historic center is slightly uphill and during this short journey you will encounter monuments and buildings of great interest.

On the right is theArt History Library, with its beautiful garden, which has become a war memorial. Continuing to reach Piazza Canzanelli, here is the Palazzo Valle Carmignani, of nineteenth-century origin, is famous for its garden and for the balcony from which official speeches were held, on the opposite side there is a travertine fountain, its construction dates back to 1913, to celebrate the arrival of the public water in the village.

Continuing, you come to the Porta del Ponte, the main access to the village, the original structure remains today the imposing arch of squared stones, the iron hinges that once supported the access door, dating back to 1400, and the slots in stone, through which the chains of the drawbridge ran.

Looking up, you can admire the Castle, the Cassero Tower and the Bell Tower of San Lorenzo.